Friday, 19 April 2013

One Boston Marathon bomber suspect killed: FBI manhunt for second

One Boston Marathon bomber suspect killed: FBI manhunt for second, FBI are on a manhunt for the second suspect of the Boston Marathon bombing. One suspect was apprehended, but died at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital. Yesterday, the FBI released pictures of the two men suspected of having being involved in the bombing. In the FBI photos, of the two, the suspect still at large is the one wearing the white baseball cap.

Late Wednesday night, at around 10:20 pm, there was a shootout at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, resulting in the death of an MIT police officer. This incident was followed by a police chase, resulting from a call informing them of a Mercedes Benz SUV carjacking. The carjack victim was held at gun point for half an hour until released by the suspects. The suspects took off in the stolen car, and a police car chase continued followed them into the town of Watertown, Massachusetts.

According to press releases issued early this morning by Police Commissioner Robert Haas, Middlesex District Attorney Michael Pelgro, and MIT Police Chief John Difava, the police chase led to the men throwing explosives out of the stolen car, and an exchange of gun fire. One of the suspects was injured and taken to Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital. He later died from his wounds. In a press conference early this morning, Dr. David Schoenfeld answered questions about the deceased man. He disclosed that the victim suffered shrapnel injuries and died of multiple gun shot wounds.

Police officers and FBI agents are on the manhunt for the second man that fled the scene of the shoot out. Chief John Difava spoke in an early morning press conference confirming that the suspect they are searching for in the Watertown area, is the same man wearing the white cap in the FBI photos released earlier today. Watertown officials have asked residents to stay indoors. Law enforcers started performing door to door searches early this morning in a 20 block perimeter in the east side of Watertown. This search has been expanded to Belmont, Allston/Brighton, Newton, Waltham, Belmont, Cambridge, and Arlington, where residents have also been asked to stay at home and not open businesses. Public transportation in the area has also been shut down, and Chief Difava, announced that there will be no traffic in or out of the city of Watertown. Boston schools have also been closed for the day.

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