Friday, 19 April 2013

Lauryn Hill eviction: Grammy winner called 'squatter' by her landlord

Lauryn Hill eviction: Grammy winner called 'squatter' by her landlord, Five time Grammy winner Lauryn Hill is facing eviction from her South Orange, N.J. mansion, which the singer has been residing in since 2009.

The NY Post reported April 19 that the 38-year-old rapper and hip-hop artist stopped making payments to the property owner, who said Hill is now “squatting” on the premises.

Hill is preparing for her sentencing next week for tax fraud. Court records show she owes $1.6 million to tax authorities. She faces up to three years in prison after pleading guilty for failing to file her tax returns for 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Perhaps with the possibility of prison time on the horizon, Hill purposely let her house payments lapse. Hill’s landlord filed court documents demanding the delinquent rent, but thus far Hill has been unresponsive, leading to the eviction request.

At the tax evasion hearing, Hill’s legal documents offered the explanation that her refusal to pay the IRS was due to the fact she “withdrew from society at large due to what she perceived as manipulation and very real threats to herself and her family.”

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