Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Oklahoma City reacts to the Boston Marathon bombing

Oklahoma City reacts to the Boston Marathon bombing, Only two days before the anniversary of the bombing of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City there was another act of terror in America. At least two people were killed and dozens of others were injured in the Boston Marathon bombing, which the White House is now calling an “act of terror.” The Boston Marathon bombing especially touches those in Oklahoma City, seeing they have been through something similar. In interviews conducted on April 15, Oklahoma City residents speak out regarding the Boston Marathon bombing.

“I've been dreading April 17 for over a week now,” Sharon Wilson, from Oklahoma City, said. “I don't have to look at the calender to know what day it is. Now, I am seeing what is going on in Boston and my heart breaks all over again. I wish I had words to comfort the residents of Boston.”

Unlike the Oklahoma City bombing, at the time of publication, only two people had been killed. Although thousands were present at the Boston Marathon bombing, many less people were killed.

“I heard about the kid that was killed and I cried,” Dana Logan, from Oklahoma City, said. “It just opened an old wound. I thought of the day care [at the Murrah Building] and I lost it. I hugged my boys and wouldn't let them go.”

“I am praying for all the people in Boston,” Wilson continued. “That is all I can do. I know they can survive this. We did. God will see them through.”

At the time of publication it was unknown if the Boston Marathon bombing is linked in anyway to what happened in Oklahoma City or in Waco. The White House is calling it an “act of terror,” but it is unknown if it is an act of foreign terror or a home-grown terrorist plot.

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