Monday, 15 April 2013

Near perfect weather for the 117th running of the Boston Marathon

Near perfect weather for the 117th running of the Boston Marathon, This year April 15th is more than just the deadline for tax filing. It is also Patriots Day, marathon Monday or better known for the running of the Boston Marathon.

It is not often the Boston Red Sox take a back seat to another sport but on this day they do. Traditionally the Red Sox play at home on marathon Monday and start the game early, about 11 am, so that the fans can get out in time and enjoy the marathon festivities at the finish line.

The weather will be near perfect for any outdoor activities, none more visible than the 117th running of the Boston Marathon. Last years race was run in brutal heat as temperatures climbed well in the 80s, making it one of the hottest days for a Boston Marathon and the reason why nearly one thousand entries chose not to run.

While runners have their own comfort level when it comes to weather conditions to compete in, this year conditions will be comfortable for most. Although the morning will start out cool with the mercury in the 30s very early, temperatures will quickly climb through the 40s during the morning then into the 50s by midday and into the afternoon.

Interior sections should top out near 60 degrees, however a cooling sea breeze along the shore will push temperatures back to the low 50s and even some upper 40s during the mid and late afternoon.

Humidity will be low and winds should remain 5 to 15 mph from the east and then southeast, which means the runners will face the cooling wind as they approach the city. Skies will be mostly sunny early, followed by partly to mostly cloudy throughout the afternoon.

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High pressure moves offshore Monday night and Tuesday. This will set up a milder southwest flow but the trade off for the milder temperatures will be an increase in clouds. Generally a mostly to partly cloudy sky.

Lows Monday night near 40 degrees, warming to the low and mid 60s Tuesday. There will be a chance of showers Tuesday afternoon and night. Lows Tuesday night only falling back to near 45 degrees. Winds will turn south and southwest at 10 to 20 mph.

A cold front will push through by early Wednesday and this may trigger a few more showers. All is not lost though as a changeable sky will bring periods of sun as well. Despite the cold front passage it stays mild with highs back into the low 60s.

The cold front is forecast to stall south of our area by Thursday. This may keep it relatively cloudy with a continued risk of a few showers later Wednesday night and Thursday. Lows in the 40s, highs on Thursday in the mid to upper 50s along the coastal plain to some low 60s inland.

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