Sunday, 21 April 2013

Mom kids fire BB gun: Firing at cars with BB gun under mother's approval

Mom kids fire BB gun: Firing at cars with BB gun under mother's approval, A mom who let her kids fire a BB gun at other vehicles is causing the public to raise their eyebrows this week, as US News reported this Saturday, April 20, that a New York woman who recently bought a BB gun allegedly had her children “play” with the gun in the back seat shooting at parked cars.

The headline reading, “Mom kids fire BB gun: Mom tells kids to fire BB gun at parked cars while she drove”, NBC New York added that Susan Becker was arrested this Friday after over 60 reports of vehicle damage were reported over the past couple of weeks to various car windows.

Police officials noted in their report that the 15-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son of the woman were the ones firing the BB gun. Becker, who has been dubbed as acting as a chauffeur of sorts, is currently facing a few serious charges, one of which is the endangering of a child’s welfare.

The arrest was a big surprise to one neighbor of Susan Becker.

“Susan is a great mom, she’s a great neighbor, she’s always there to help everybody,” said Susan Morelli. “A very all-American typical mom. I just can’t say enough nice things about her because she’s just such a nice person.”

The supportive neighbor added that there has to be an unknown reason or factor in the charges or letting her kids use a BB gun.

“[There’s something] we don’t know about … She just wouldn’t do something like that.”

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