Sunday, 21 April 2013

4/20 pot rally: Police ID shooting suspect from YouTube video

4/20 pot rally: Police ID shooting suspect from YouTube video, Police in Denver have released a YouTube video that they say shows a possible suspect in the shootings at the 4/20 pot rally on Saturday, the Denver Post reported April 21.

Denver police had spent the day Sunday reviewing video taken at the 4/20 pot rally after three people were shot at Denver's Civic Center during the rally.

Now Denver police are asking for help identifying the possible pot rally shooting suspect.

The 4/20 video shows the possible suspect walking in a crowd and moving away from the scene of the shootings. “He is the black male with a brown and white checkered shirt (walking) between the male in the red shirt and the male wearing the white hat," police spokesman Sonny Jackson said in an email to the Post.

The Denver Police gang unit is investigating the shootings, although it’s not yet known if the shootings at the pot rally are actually gang related.

The 4/20 pot rally in Denver, Colorado, is normally a peaceful celebration for marijuana enthusiasts.

Two people received leg wounds in the Saturday pot rally shooting. They were taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. A juvenile who was grazed by a bullet walked to a nearby hospital.

A dog belonging to one of the shooting victims also was shot.

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