Thursday, 11 April 2013

Misread ticket: Woman wins $40 million, not $40k in lottery

Misread ticket: Woman wins $40 million, not $40k in lottery, Marie Carreiro, from Toronto, was thrilled when she thought she had won $40,000 in the lottery.

A short time later, she learned she had mistake and not won $40,000. According to an April 10 report by The Epoch Times, the woman had actually won $40 million instead.

Maria Carreiro went home and told her daughter she had won $40,0000. When she learned she had actually won $40 million, she ran back up the street, got her a glass of water and sat down. She said needed to “relax.”

Her husband has already made plans to quit his job. According to their daughter, her father works hard and they've “struggling so much” and “$40 million is so much money.

Maria Carreiro, an immigrant from Portugal, has made her own plans when it comes to the $40 million she won in the lottery. She is planning to buy houses for herself and her daughters.

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