Thursday, 11 April 2013

Miracle baby melanoma: 33-year-old mom dies, baby thrives

Miracle baby melanoma: 33-year-old mom dies, baby thrives, A miracle baby with melanoma is thriving and she is almost two-years-old. On April 11, ABC News reported that the little girl "mysteriously contracted melanoma" while she was in her cancer-stricken mother's womb. Her mom, Briana Cox, died of cancer last year, leaving Addison in the care of her dad, James Cox. Little Addison is doing really well after only given 12-18 months to live.

"In a rare and unexplained medical mystery, Cox's cancer cells had crossed the placenta to her developing fetus. Addison was just 6 weeks old when doctors found tumors had spread throughout her body," ABC News reported.

The miracle baby has melanoma which she has been getting treatments for. She is a fighter, however, and her dad believes that she's got some staying power. Although Addison will be two in May, she has had a very tough road filled with surgeries, chemo, radiation, and pain.

"The cancer has affected the child's brain, shoulder, lungs, kidney, liver, leg, and even the back of her tongue. She has had chemotherapy, radiation and brain surgeries at Phoenix Children's Hospital," ABC News reports. Obviously no one wants to have to go through any of this but Addison is still hanging on and she's developing and growing despite her setbacks.

The miracle baby's melanoma was stage four when she was diagnosed. Her mom had malignant melanoma removed in 2006 but was given the all-clear by her doctors. Last year, however, she had a seizure while out for a run. Body scans showed her body was "riddled with advanced cancer."

Since Addison has a healthy 4-year-old brother, it is believed that Briana's cancer kicked up after he was born.

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