Friday, 19 April 2013

Mass. cops pursue Muslim terror suspects; one policeman and one suspect dead

Mass. cops pursue Muslim terror suspects; one policeman and one suspect dead, U.S. officials identified one of the two Muslims suspected in the Boston Marathon bombing after a deadly shoot-out with Massachusetts police early Friday morning as Dzhokar Sarniev, a Chechen student.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation Thursday afternoon publicly released photos and videos of the two suspects, identified as “#1” and “#2”, that were gleaned from thousands of photos taken by people who had come to watch the Boston Marathon.
Around 2:50 PM Monday, two bombs detonated about 12 seconds apart near the finish line of the Marathon, the premier foot race in modern sport. 3 people, an 8-year-old boy and two women, were killed in the blasts while scores of other bystanders suffered horrific injuries. One of the women killed was a Chinese student studying in the U.S.
The FBI asked for, and received, help from the public in identifying those who placed the bombs near the finish line of the 26-mile, 385-yard race. Thousands of digital stills and videos were examined until clear images of two males carrying backpacks and placing the bomb-laden bags amid spectators near Copley Square were isolated. The FBI released the photos shortly after 5:00 PM Thursday. The Bureau also collected evidence from the scene and concluded that the 2 bombs were contained in conventional pressure-cookers and were packed with ball bearings, BBs and other metal shrapnel.
According to broadcast and cable news reports, the two men, now identified as brothers from Chechnya, were seen near the Cambridge, Mass. campus of M.I.T., just north of the river Charles from Boston Thursday morning around 5:00. There they are believed to have murdered an M.I.T. police officer who was sitting in his patrol car. Shortly afterwards, they car-jacked a Mercedes, but the owner of that vehicle escaped and notified police. A high-speed chase ensued, leading police westward toward the city of Watertown, Mass., a western suburb of Boston.
In the Watertown shoot-out in the pre-dawn darkness, police exchanged gunfire with the Muslim terrorists and killed one of them, now identified as "suspect #1", Dzhokar Sarniev. Unconfirmed media reports said the escaped suspect ran over the body of Sarniev, who was believed to have an improvised explosive device on his person at the time. The other suspect, identified as “white hat” or “#2” in Thursday’s FBI briefing, escaped and is still wanted by authorities. He is believed to be in the Watertown, MA, area as of 8:00 Friday morning. Governor Deval Patrick (D-MA) urged residents to "shelter in place" while police continue to scour Watertown for the remaining suspect.

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