Saturday, 20 April 2013

Manhunt: tweet apology by Nate Bell for offensive Twitter comment

Manhunt: tweet apology by Nate Bell for offensive Twitter comment, The Boston marathon bombing manhunt has resulted in a tweet apology by Republican Nate Bell of Arkansas, as he turned the search for the surviving bombing suspect into a political issues thanks to his tweet.

On Twitter, Bell suggested that the people of Boston wished they had a weapon to protect themselves.

But while some may think that the tweet is highly insensitive, Bell himself doesn’t really think so. If fact, Bell believes that while the timing of the tweet was ill-advised, he still stands by the content of his message.

“I don’t regret the content as much as I regret the timing,” Bell, R-Mena, told The Associated Press.

“I really didn’t think about it going to Boston and was generally expressing my personal view of how I would have felt in that situation myself.”

Bell, who’s now under some fire for his comments, further used the April 20th.

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