Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Man who got lost in woods after car crash survived on pine nuts

Man who got lost in woods after car crash survived on pine nuts, The disappearance of a 25-year-old man from Davis, Calif. resulted in a happy ending on Sunday after he was found after getting lost in the woods for a week.

Daniel Brian Thompson, a member of the production crew for the Mondavi Center for Performing Arts, went missing on Saturday, April 12. He was last seen at his home on K Street that he shares with a roommate on Friday. Thompson spoke with a friend on Saturday to confirm plans they had for that evening and then Daniel seemed to have disappeared, reports the Sacramento Press.

Lieutenant Paul Doroshov of the Davis Police Department confirmed that Daniel rented a 2012 Honda on Saturday near downtown Sacramento, but that rental car was not returned nor had been found, reports The Davis Enterprise.

Concerns grew for Daniel when he didn't show up for work or contact his family or friends.

Then late Sunday evening a passerby spotted a vehicle on Walker Ridge Road which is a remote area near Indian Valley Reservoir. The concerned citizen searched the vehicle and found a wallet and ID and called the Davis Police Department.

Authorities realized it was the car rented by Daniel and began searching the area and located Daniel who was dehydrated and hungry. The area he was lost in had no cell phone reception.

"He [Daniel] got in a car wreck, walked away from the car to find his way out of the mountains to get help, got disoriented and was lost for a week," Brian Thompson told the Sacramento Press.

Daniel told authorities after he crashed his car, he survived by eating pine nuts.

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