Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Louis Farrakhan's son Mustapha faces questions about police gig

Louis Farrakhan's son Mustapha faces questions about police gig, Farrakhan is coming under fire in Illinois over his supposed position as a Harvey police officer. The Chicago Sun-Times shared the details on April 21 of the controversy that has people talking.

Mustapha Farrakhan, 52, has a badge from the Harvey Police Department and he drives an unmarked squad car, but some think it seems that may all be for show. The Sun-Times indicates that Farrakhan has not worked a shift as a police officer in over four years. However, he has been seen using his squad car, with the lights on, to moderate traffic and escort his father's motorcade in Chicago.

As the Sun-Times digs into the situation, nobody seems particularly willing to discuss the details. The police chief calls Mustapha Farrakhan a “volunteer” officer and he says he stands behind his appointment. The chief adds that Farrakhan's position helps the department in matters of community relations, though Farrakhan actually lives about 30 minutes away from Harvey.

The Illinois Police Standards and Training Board is now investigating the matter regarding Louis Farrakhan's son. With his supposed position, Mustapha Farrakhan not only uses the squad car, he can also carry a concealed weapon into a number of places where he would otherwise need to be unarmed. Farrakhan first was given the position by the mayor in January 2006, which is when he also began his training. Records seem to indicate he has barely worked in the position since then.

Many are wondering why the city of Harvey is paying for Mustapha Farrakhan to have a squad car, which is seen parked outside his home, when he does not seem to actively work. In addition, given that the senior Farrakhan does not get official motorcades in Chicago, why is Mustapha using city resources to provide one on his own? It seems that investigators are curious about this one, and Louis Farrakhan's son has a few details to answer to about his badge and position.

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