Thursday, 18 April 2013

Katherine Webb quits 'Splash': Beauty queen leaves reality show over injury

Katherine Webb quits 'Splash': Beauty queen leaves reality show over injury, Katherine Webb, the beauty queen turned television personality, bowed out of the outlandish ABC reality show Splash, which aired Tuesday night.

USA Today reported April 18 that the 24-year-old Sports Illustrated model and Miss Alabama USA 2012 was forced to withdraw because of an injury to her back.

The episode started with Webb shown struggling in her pre-show diving practice. She then addressed the audience, saying, "I went to the doctor and unfortunately he told me I'm out for the competition."

Fellow diver Louie Anderson, who was able to return to the show because of Webb’s withdrawal, tweeted his support. "I've really gotten to know Katherine Webb over the weeks we practiced together," Anderson tweeted Tuesday. "She put all that she could into this, and she wanted to go on but she was truly hurt and in pain. And couldn't!"

After Webb was forced to quit on doctor's orders, under the rules of the show, Anderson, the last diver eliminated from the show, was eligible to return. Anderson astonished the audience by walking out in a stars and stripes jumpsuit and climbing to the highest board.

Anderson later withdrew, as he found himself ranked in the bottom two. Rather than competing in a dive-off with soccer star Brandi Chastain, Anderson voluntarily removed himself from the competition, saying, “You know, I really went further than I ever thought I could. And I know I have very little chance of winning this competition."

After the show Webb tweeted, "Thank you guys for all the support! Means so much. Love you guys."

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