Thursday, 18 April 2013

Etan Patz confession: Pedro Hernandez's lawyer wants case thrown out

Etan Patz confession: Pedro Hernandez's lawyer wants case thrown out, A man has confessed to one of the most well-known child disappearances in history, but now he is claiming that the confession was false. As reported by the Associated Press on Thursday, April 17, 2013, Pedro Hernandez's lawyer says that his client was questioned for almost seven hours and he is now asking for a dismissal in the murder case as he says his client's Etan Patz confession was false.

"No evidence or witnesses have been found corroborating any of the few facts" in Pedro Hernandez' statements about the 1979 vanishing of 6-year-old Etan Patz, defense lawyer Harvey Fishbein wrote, arguing that there's not enough proof to support the case.

Etan Patz disappeared on May 25, 1979, on a day that his parents allowed him to walk to his school bus stop all by himself for the first time. That date became known as National Missing Children's Day and the young boy actually became one of the first children to ever have his picture placed on a milk carton as a missing child.

Hernandez was arrested in 2012 after police tracked him down due to a tip that he had told people he was the culprit. Hernandez had reportedly told people he had killed a child in New York City, and he later gave police a detailed account of what he did to Etan Patz.

He said that he saw the child at the bus stop, convinced him to go along with him and then choked him in a basement. Hernandez says he then left Patz' body in a box with some trash about a block away.

On Wednesday, Hernandez's lawyer says that his claims of police getting an untrue admission from a mentally ill suspect were confirmed. A ruling isn't expected until May in the Etan Patz confession.

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