Thursday, 11 April 2013

Katelyn Markham was decapitated

Katelyn Markham was decapitated, The most damning information regarding the discovery of Katelyn Markham's remains came out on April 11, 2013. Eagle County Online reported that the missing woman's skull was found to be severed and stored in a Kroger brand grocery sack.

The rest of her remains, including part of her jaw and the rest of her bones, were located near the shopping bag. It's also being reported that it didn't look like her remains were concealed, but simply disposed of in what is being called a "dumping ground."

Katelyn Markham was decapitated, and might have been dismembered -- but her cause of death is not yet known.

These are extremely disturbing details that indicate she was murdered, but who killed her? Throughout the two year history of this case, the speculation has always been rather heavy regarding her fiance John Carter.

His sentiment recently is that he feels "ripped in half," over the discovery of her remains, but that doesn't excuse some of the things he's said over the course of the case.

He lied to Nancy Grace on the air regarding taking a polygraph test, and since then it's not even known if he's actually taken an official one. Why not?

John Carter was the last person to see his fiance before she vanished without a trace, but at least two other people have been questioned regarding her disappearance.

However, everyone who has ever been connected to her case has been cleared -- leaving behind nothing but questions without answers.

Now that her remains have been found, the next chapter in the case will begin, and investigators will be able to get to the bottom of whether or not her fiance is connected.

If he's innocent of any wrongdoing, he needs to be cleared once and for all.

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