Thursday, 11 April 2013

Did Paige Aiello jump from bridge?

Did Paige Aiello jump from bridge?, New Jersey coed Paige Aiello was reported missing on Tuesday evening, after last seen by her father that afternoon. This case is still developing, but the details that are known in the media lend to a disturbing slew of theories -- and none of them are positive.

As of April 11, 2013, the mainstream media in New England has begun coverage of the case.

CBS New York reports that the missing coed's cellphone purse and and identification were located near the George Washingon Bridge. A passerby located the items and called her parents to say she'd found them.

It's also been revealed as of tonight that the young woman's car had been stolen.

Fortunately, the car belonging to the missing woman was located at a parking garage in New Brunswick, but that doesn't lend to any positive outlook in the search for her.

All of the circumstantial evidence that has been publicized since she vanished indicates that she might have fallen victim to foul play.

Do her family members suspect that?

Apparently suicide is a concern as officials have scoured the water and checked with Port Authority to see if anyone witnessed anything strange -- such as someone jumping from the bridge.

Nonetheless, her family members have made comments that indicate she could be struggling with emotional or mental problems.

If that's the case, it's highly likely that she did jump off the bridge, but what about her car? Someone had used it without her permission, stolen it. The details aren't adding up in this case!

If someone stole her car and parked it in a different location from where her belongings were found, it truly seems like something foul is going on.

Who had her car? Hopefully officials can check surveillance of the parking area and find out who parked it.

If they can do that, they may just find out whether or not she was victimized.

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