Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Julie Acosta promotes women empowerment from Miami to Egypt with Amoura

Julie Acosta promotes women empowerment from Miami to Egypt with Amoura, At times people would take life's misfortunes as a negative factor but Julie Acosta took it as a start of a new beginning. This was a time she was able to follow a vision and also help others.

Julie Acosta was born in Cuba and raised in Miami, Florida. As she grew and watched the transition of South Florida to what is today; Julie married, worked hard and raised two beautiful and intelligent boys. As a proud mother, one of her accomplishments in her life are her boys. The other accomplishment came after her divorce and was when she decided to live her dream .

In 2012 Julie followed an intuition that was haunting her throughout her life which was to visit Egypt. She coordinated and did her research in the United States and collaborated with many good people to make the trip possible. When she arrived in Egypt she was guided by a man name Mohammed which his family soon became an her extended family. Julie toured for days with Mohammed in Egypt collecting unique stones, beautiful scarves, purses all symbolizing the peace, love and humanity the country holds. Her trip to Egypt was memorable and would not be her last. When Julie returned to the United States her friends and family were attracted to theses beautiful pieces she came with. Julie then met with a designer while in Miami and took another trip to Egypt to start up her new jewelry business.

The second trip to Egypt Julie ran across a small village with a group of Egyptian women. These women where poor yet rich in spirit and in talent. They handmade scarves, bracelets, necklaces, and purses. Julie Acosta instantly came with her vision to these ladies and created Amoura. The company that not only makes the most unique and beautiful pieces but also represents women empowerment and strength.

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