Thursday, 18 April 2013

Judge Wiley confirmed by Texas Senate as new Kaufman County D.A.

Judge Wiley confirmed by Texas Senate as new Kaufman County D.A., On a day that a number of shocking revelations came forward regarding the murders of Kaufman County D.A. Mike McLelland, his wife Cynthia, and Assistant D.A. Mark Hasse, the Texas Senate voted to confirm Judge Erleigh Norville Wiley as the new Kaufman County District Attorney.

Judge Wiley, a Forney resident, will finish out Mike McLelland's term of office, which ends in 2014. The Senate voted unanimously to approve her appointment by Governor Perry, and they applauded her bravery in stepping into a position that could pose danger to her personal safety.

Wiley grew up in Kaufman and graduated from Kaufman High School. She has been a Kaufman County Court at Law Judge for 10 years and was previously a prosecutor in Dallas County for 14 years. She is also currently a professor for the University of North Texas and is married to federal prosecutor Aaron Wiley.

Forney Mayor Darren Rozell is happy with the confirmation, “I've had several occasions in the past to visit with Judge Wiley. I know her to be a pleasant and strong person who has a reputation for running a no-nonsense courtroom. I'm very pleased with Governor Perry's choice and the Senate confirmation, and I believe she will serve our county well as D.A.”

During a recent interview, Wiley was asked if she was concerned for her safety because ADA Hasse and D.A. Mike McLelland were targeted and killed. She said that all of Kaufman County would be fearful until the killer or killers were caught. She added, “The way I was born and raised, if there is something that needs to be done, then we just need to do it.”

It was revealed on Wednesday, April 17, that former Justice of the Peace Eric Williams' wife, Kim Williams, of Kaufman, was arrested and charged with capital murder in the deaths of Mark Hasse, Mike McLelland, and Cynthia McLelland. She also told authorities that her husband was the shooter in all three deaths.

Eric Williams is in jail on a terrorist threat charge and is expected to be charged with capital murder in the coming days. The investigation is still ongoing but sources say that investigators have not ruled out the possibility that a third person may be involved in the murders. In the meantime, Kaufman County judges are still under the protection of armed officers.

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