Sunday, 21 April 2013

Jailed for NRA T-shirt: Jared Marcum arrested at middle school

Jailed for NRA T-shirt: Jared Marcum arrested at middle school, An eight-grader was reportedly jailed for an NRA T-shirt, according to Fox News on April 21. Jared Marcum is said to have worn a National Rifle Association T-shirt to school, and when he refused to remove it he was charged with causing a disruption.

The incident happened at Logan Middle School last week, when Marcum wore the T-shirt that had an image of a rifle and the slogan “protect your right.” A teacher reportedly objected to the shirt, and Marcum is said to have argued over his right to wear it. After the disruption Jared Marcum was arrested and suspended.

Jared told WOWK-TV that he believes the school is taking away his rights regarding freedom of speech and the Second Amendment. His father, Allen Lardieri, says he thinks the incident was blown out of proportion, and he does not know why anyone would object to the shirt when there is no policy against it. The school district is not commenting on the incident, though Fox News says the Logan police department confirmed that the student was arrested.

The school's dress code prohibits clothing that has violence, profanity, alcohol, drugs or tobacco, along with any sexually suggestive or discriminatory messages. Marcum wore the T-shirt for much of the school day before the teacher asked him to remove it. The student jailed for the NRA T-shirt was charged with obstructing an officer and disrupting an educational process.

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