Saturday, 20 April 2013

Hospital loses 2nd baby remains; body may be lost in dirty laundry

Hospital loses 2nd baby remains; body may be lost in dirty laundry, Just days after the body of a stillborn baby was found in dirty laundry, a second baby’s remains are now missing and believed to also have been sent to the off-site laundry company, the Star Tribune reported April 19.

Officials of Regions Hospital in St. Paul said on Friday that a review of their records indicated that there should be remains of two stillborn babies.

One of those babies was found on Tuesday by workers at Crothall Laundry Services in Red Wing, 45 miles southeast of Regions Hospital. That baby was stillborn on April 4.

Regions Hospital said that it doesn’t know where the remains are for the second baby, and that its body may never be found. They said that it’s likely the baby also was wrapped up in linens and mistakenly sent to the laundry facility, but at this point, it’s likely the remains will ever be found.

Regions called the incidents involving the babies’ remains a “tragic human error.” The hospital has been in contact with the families of both babies.

The baby that was found is undergoing an autopsy by the Ramsey County medical examiner’s office.

New information shows that the circumstances surrounding the discovery of the first baby’s body are potentially troubling.

Red Wing police apparently received an anonymous phone call on Tuesday in which the caller said that she had received a text message from someone at the laundry about a dead baby. The anonymous caller told police that she was told that someone from the hospital arrived at the laundry, placed the remains in a plastic bag and left.

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