Thursday, 11 April 2013

Gunman is holding 4 firefighters hostage in Suwanee, Georgia

Gunman is holding 4 firefighters hostage in Suwanee, Georgia , Four Gwinnett County firefighters are being held hostage by a gunman Wednesday afternoon, according to a report by USA Today on April 10. The firefighters had responded to a routine medical call at about 3:40 p.m. at a home in suburban Atlanta, according to authorities. Five firefighters were originally taken, but the gunman let one firefighter leave to move the fire truck. Gwinnett County Police Cpl. Edwin Ritter stated at a news briefing that the police "have a good idea why" the gunman captured the firefighters, but he stated that at the present time, he couldn't explain the reasoning. He did state that several negotiators were on the scene. According to Fire Capt. Tommy Rutledge, one fire engine and an ambulance responded to the scene from a nearby station. "They arrived at the scene. They went in and began to do what they do every day when they were taken hostage," he said. Police have blocked off the neighborhood which has prevented many from returning to their homes. The county police department's special weapons and tactics team were at the scene. Police have asked news helicopters to stay away from the scene airspace. The location is about 25 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta. The house that the gunman is located is 2440 Walnut Grove Way and is owned by a bank according to public records. Thanks for reading my top news articles. In order to continue to read my articles about the latest news, please click subscribe just above the comments section. You can contact me at Got something to say? Say it on Examiner by following this link to sign up.

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