Saturday, 13 April 2013

Goose attacks gorilla: Angry goose goes bananas at zoo

Goose attacks gorilla: Angry goose goes bananas at zoo, A goose attacks a gorilla at a zoo in Wichita, Kansas, and it was caught on tape. On April 12, MSN Now posted the video of the goose who was in the gorilla's habitat at the Sedgewick County Zoo. The gorilla -- named Barney -- was totally minding his own business before the goose decided to attack him, flocking and squawking in his face.

"Keepers reckon the plucky birds have built their nest on Barney's turf and don't want some great ape messing with it," MSN Now reports. The goose waited patiently before attacking -- keeping a watchful eye on Barney. The moment Barney gets too close, the goose just goes off.

When a goose attacks a gorilla, it's funny to watch, mainly because gorilla's are bigger and seem tougher. However, Barney totally backed away from the goose -- and fast. It was obvious that he wanted no part of that fight. As you can see in the video posted on the left, Barney felt much more safe on the other side of a branch -- especially when a second goose lands on his turf.

Evidently zoo keepers plan on leaving the bird's nest where it is, which means Barney is going to have to share his area for a while. This probably won't be the only attack either -- at least until Barney learns that the geese don't want him near their new-found home.

One would expect a gorilla to attack a goose, no?

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