Saturday, 13 April 2013

Former rocket launching engineer to be at Spring Festival on Ponce with crafts

Former rocket launching engineer to be at Spring Festival on Ponce with crafts, In an earlier life, Albert Hall IV worked at the Kennedy Space Center as an engineer responsible for launching rockets into space. On Saturday, April 13 he will be doing what he was doing when the Atlanta Top News Examiner first met him: talking about his wood craft products he makes, and the dual uses of them. And he will be doing it this time at the Spring Festival on Ponce in Atlanta.

Previously, Hall caught this Examiner's eyes with one of the most unusual wood products she had ever seen: Hall's Hole in One piece.

He says it's his "eye grabber piece," and it certainly is, of course. But he told her on that day during the 2013 American Craft Council Show in Atlanta that it was a candy dish that kids wouldn't try to get into more than once.

Take a gander at the unique and prickly-shaped wood piece and you will see why, as even the most devoted candy or cookie lover wouldn't risk these obstacles to take candy out of this bowl; so it could be considered priceless.

Albert is willing to take $225 for it, if you can still find it during the Spring Festival on Ponce. And before you balk at that price, consider how much it will save you in sweets and treat purchases each year.

Albert Hall has many more practical--and just as intriguing--wood products to choose from to be showcased during the Saturday and Sunday event. He also has the old style oil can, and the Triangle Tables, which are one of his best sellers. And they have all been photographed for display in the slideshow above in advance of this weekend's sale.

Spring Festival on Ponce hours are Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Sunday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and you can find Albert's Wood Studio booth set up at the Y-13 location.

And be sure to bring the kids with you, to see if they bother to attempt to bypass Albert's candy bowl security system. Who knows, one of them may be smarter than the engineer who is about to celebrate his 10th year as an excellent wood craftsman.

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