Monday, 15 April 2013

Google Street View captures couple having roadside sex

Google Street View captures couple having roadside sex, A young couple from Down Under decided to give users of Google Maps a little extra bang for their buck. Demonstrating that a busy highway can serve as more than a thoroughfare for vehicular traffic, the two dropped their drawers and did the nasty against the hood of their car just as a Google Street View camera vehicle passed by.

The Telegraph reports:

The relaxed nature of the pair — she waving to the camera, he draining the last gulp from what appears to be a bottle of beer — has led many to believe the image is just a prank by an opportunistic couple.

Whatever the case, Google has covered its hindquarters (not to mention theirs), by blurring the picture of a stretch of the Dukes Highway in South Australia on its website. A slightly more detailed, pixelated version of the image can be viewed here.

The Telegraph’s Matthew Sparkes writes that it is not uncommon for people to be caught in compromising poses by Street View camera. He adds that previous highlights included an individual dressed in a superhero-type costume appearing to be napping on a bench in Yamanashi, Japan, a mysterious figure wearing a horse mask in Aberdeen, a young woman lifting her tank top, and a bicyclist sprawled on a road seconds after having collided with a car.

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