Friday, 19 April 2013

Fear and confusion with MIT cop shooting, carjacking and arrest

Fear and confusion with MIT cop shooting, carjacking and arrest, Update: 12:12 PST The only confirmed news is that police have apprehended one individual, are searching for more explosives and are searching for a second suspect. An April 20 NBC news broadcast confirms that there is much more to be confirmed before the facts can be revealed. Witnesses in the area are talking about explosions going off and a very violent standoff in the area of Watertown.

Fear and confusion are the result of a night that began with reports of a shooting on the MIT campus in Cambridge, MA.. An Officer was shot and killed at the MIT campus and a carjacking was also reported. An SUV was reportedly stolen by two men identified as "middle eastern" in appearance. The night continued with worries about explosions and continuing violence until one suspect was apprehended in Watertown, MA. There is no confirmed relationship between the night's violent activities and an earlier release of FBI photos that identified two male suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings. According to an April 20 Yahoo News report, an intense manhunt was underway for the MIT shooter.

The MIT shooter was described as a black male in black clothing who weighs about 120 pounds. The officer has not been identified. The officer is said to have answered a disturbance call at about 10:30 p.m. He was shot multiple times. Residents immediately became concerned that the shooting was related to the Boston Marathon bombings, but there is nothing to confirm such fears.

Some individuals reported two or three small explosions, but there were no confirmations that explosions occurred in the area.

Transit police, Boston police FBI, Fire personnel and an otherwise massive police presence was deployed at Watertown.

One suspect was in custody at approximately 10:23 p.m on a CNN News broadcast. CNN video revealed the suspect who was lying on the ground. The events unfolded in the area of Laurel Street, Dexter Street, Memorial drive and the surrounding area. This is about two blocks from Watertown's central district.

There is no news of any relationship between the Boston Marathon bombing on Monday, the MIT shooting, the carjacking or the arrest of the suspect in Watertown. Much more will be known in the morning, but this event shows how any criminal activity will have people on edge in the area. As a result, authorities will remain on a heightened state of alert in Boston and the surrounding area.

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