Thursday, 18 April 2013

Customers petition Verizon to get rid of wireless contracts

Customers petition Verizon to get rid of wireless contracts, Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam said it. He's open to dropping contracts if consumers ask for it and if T-Mobile's contract-free experiment pans out. Well, Verizon customers have signed a petition and they are asking for it. As of Thursday, the eleven day old petition campaign garnered 75,000 signatures. This should be more than enough notice to Verizon. According to an April 18 CNN article, adopting T-Mobile's model would help make Verizon phones more affordable to consumers.

McAdam made his statement on April 3, According to CNET. Mike Beauchamp took him at his word. Beauchamp is the Verizon customer and blogger who started the petition at He wants Verizon to reduce or eliminate early-termination fees for existing customers. He also asked Verizon to reduce prices on phones that are sold without contracts.

Beauchamp told CNN he has not heard from Verizon. He said, "I believe that people should have the freedom of choice ... to move freely between carriers. I think that model where you tie customers in for two or three years is a tired model that doesn't need to exist anymore."

ATT, Sprint and Verizon offer traditional cell phone plans where phones without contracts sell for a lot more than phones with two year contracts. The two year contracts, however, make a person keep paying long after the phone is paid for. T-Mobile's contract-free option cuts the monthly bill after the phone is paid off.

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