Monday, 15 April 2013

Cruise ships rescue 21 people adrift at sea on rafts this week

Cruise ships rescue 21 people adrift at sea on rafts this week, Cruise ships rescue 21 people in two rafts drifting in the ocean about 40 to 45 miles off Key West this week in two separate incidents. While the Coast Guard won't release the country of origin for these folks, the Carnival Conquest ship's crew reported that the 13 people that came aboard their ship are from Cuba, according to CNN Travel on Sunday, April 14, 2013.

The first raft was spotted on Thursday by the Coast Guard, who coordinated with the Carnival ship Conquest to pick up the group. The second raft was spotted by the Disney Wonder Ship on Friday and they contacted the Coast Guard who requested the eight people in the raft be taken aboard. Both ships gave the people from the raft food, water and medical attention.

Both ships were full of passengers on a cruise when they picked up the rafters at sea. It is an old maritime tradition to pick up anyone stranded at sea and the Carnival Line President and Chief Executive Gerry Cahill said in a statement:

"We are happy to have come to the aid of these individuals and to support the long-established tradition among the global maritime community of providing assistance to mariners in distress."

The Carnival line has had its fair share of troubles recently starting with the stranded ship, Triumph, that was adrift for five days with passengers living under horrendous conditions on the ship without power. Then the same ship let loose from its moorings while at a shipyard getting fixed and slammed into a cargo ship. This accident gave the ship a big gash along its side. Another ship was also rendered without power while filled with passengers, but they were in port with this incident.

Late night comedians can have a ball with this rescue. Can you just see a skit with the rafters being rescued and refusing to board the ship once they see it is a Carnival ship? Then they opt to take their chances on a wooden make-shift raft instead. This is the stuff late-night is made of.

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