Friday, 19 April 2013

Cruise ship loses power: Carnival Ecstasy had malfunction during cruise

Cruise ship loses power: Carnival Ecstasy had malfunction during cruise, News has broken that another cruise ship lost power this week, but luckily this time the Carnival Ecstasy issue did not end up causing significant issues for passengers. NBC News shared the details on April 19 of the latest Carnival glitch that has people buzzing.

The Carnival Cruise Lines ship was out on a five-day cruise when the cruise ship power went out briefly. There were about 2,500 passengers on-board, and the cruise ship was on its way back to Port Canaveral, Fla. at the time. Though other Carnival ships have recently suffered significant mechanical issues, this time the power outage lasted only 12 minutes. The Carnival Ecstasy returned to port on time and has since left on a new cruise to the Bahamas.

Carnival Corporation recently announced it will spend over $300 million in efforts to improve the reliability of their fleet. Despite recent issues on multiple ships, passengers are still booking trips and are showing their trust in the company to provide a quality vacation. The money will go toward additional generators for the ships along with other modifications and updates.

The Carnival Ecstasy issue comes on the heels of the Carnival Triumph fire, and other more minor issues with the Carnival Fascination, Carnival Legend and Carnival Dream. Luckily in this case the 2,500 passengers were only inconvenienced for a few moments, though surely some of them worried what more was in store as the cruise ship lost power.

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