Saturday, 13 April 2013

'Charlie Brown' voice actor admits to stalking, could get 3 years in prison

'Charlie Brown' voice actor admits to stalking, could get 3 years in prison, It was no fun and games in court this week for the man who voiced over a number of Peanuts classics over the years.

According to an Associated Press report, 56-year-old San Diegan Peter Robbins pleaded guilty April 10 to threatening and stalking both his ex-girlfriend and a plastic surgeon, crimes which could land him in state prison for up to three years.

Robbins, who provided the voice for the lovable Charlie Brown in a number of Peanuts TV specials over the year, was taken into custody back in January for threatening Lori Saltz, a La Jolla doctor who performed breast enhancement surgery on his girlfriend, Shawna Kern, according to prosecutors. Robbins, who authorities said paid Saltz for the surgery, was reported to have been unhappy with the results.

As the story goes, Kern claimed to authorities that she and Robbins argued. whereby he grabbed her by the neck and demanded that she accompany him to get back the money he paid for the breast enhancement.

According to prosecutors, Robbins called his former girlfriend dozens of times a day and informed her he would kill her and her son if she did not give back his dog and car after their relationship ended. They say he made similar threats and demanded a refund from Saltz, who reportedly was fearing for her life at the time.

Robbins was 9 years old at the time he started doing vocal performances for films and television specials including A Boy Named Charlie Brown, A Charlie Brown Christmas and It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

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