Saturday, 13 April 2013

Carnival Cruise: Failed health inspection adds to bad PR from Bloomberg

Carnival Cruise: Failed health inspection adds to bad PR from Bloomberg, Carnival Cruise failed a health inspection on their Fascination cruise ship. According to an April 11 report on USA Today, the details were unpleasant. The infractions listed by the Centers for Disease Control were certainly not conducive to selling cruise tickets, although there were nothing like reports from the Triumph while it was stalled at sea.

This unpleasant news story, which actually included a roach nymph, followed on the heels of another bad PR day on Wednesday. Bloomberg featured an April 10 story comparing the price of a Carnival Cruise with the price of a cheap room at Motel 6, illustrating the declining cruise ship market.

The Carnival Fascination’s infractions, according to USA Today, were mainly food-related with a special problem with flies, it seems. In fairness to Carnival Cruise, this certainly doesn’t compare with the reports of raw sewage on deck from the stalled Triumph.

Carnival has requested a re-inspection as soon as possible. Incidentally, the failed inspection also occurred during February, around 11 days after the Triumph’s ill-fated power failure.

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