Saturday, 13 April 2013

$4M in jewelry stolen in heist: Suspects unknown, hostages safe

$4M in jewelry stolen in heist: Suspects unknown, hostages safe, Over $4 million in jewelry was stolen from a store in Connecticut Thursday, authorities say. The Associated Press via ABC News shared the details on April 12 about the robbery that involved four or five men and two locations, but ultimately left the victims unharmed.

The jewelry heist happened when multiple men wearing masks and gloves kidnapped four people, including the jewelry store manager and an employee. The victims were bound and gagged, then the two employees were driven in the store manager's BMW to the store while the other two were kept in a Meriden home. The thieves then stole the safe at Lenox Jewelry. The two employees were able to free themselves after they were left restrained at the store, and they called police.

The identity of the suspects remains unknown, but the car used in the jewelry theft has been recovered. Officials believe that the robbers were communicating throughout the heist, as the two held in Meriden were released just a moment after the suspects departed from the jewelry store some 40 miles away in Fairfield. Police in the two cities are coordinating efforts to try to find the suspects who have the $4 million in jewelry stolen in the robbery.

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