Friday, 19 April 2013

Boston terrorists: White Muslims from Chechnya, Russia

Boston terrorists: White Muslims from Chechnya, Russia, The Associated Press (@AP; photo, left) has sent via the social media networking site Twitter at 6:45 AM on April 19, 2013 that the suspected terrorist attackers in the Patriot's Day terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon are from the predominantly theologically Muslim and ethnically white/Caucasian Chechnya region of Russia.

There has long been chatter among international anti-terrorism security services that jihadists terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda would recruit "white" appearing Muslims to participate in terror attacks against the West, as cited in a April 18, 2006 report from the Associated Press via the Seattle Times.

View slideshow: The Beslan School Massacre in Chechnya, Russia.
The rationale for recruiting fair-skinned Muslims with European physical features would be so the perspective terrorists could more easily blend in with any given North American and/or European crowd at various sporting events, political rallies or simply going about their daily activities.

Reportedly, Islamist terrorists have been active recruiting and training ethically European Muslims not only in Chechnya, but also in Albania and in the former Yugoslavian region of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

For photos and the article of the 2004 "Rape Jihad" in Chechnya, Russia where Chechen Muslim terrorists attacked a local school killing over three hundred, 172 of them were children. (See slideshow, above)

It has been speculated that the Beslan attack was a practice run for an attack on an American school.

Reportedly, if an American school were attacked, it is speculated it would be a Middle School (like Beslan) due to the boys being old enough to fortify defenses, then shot, and the girls were old enough to rape, then shot.

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