Friday, 12 April 2013

Bomb found on train: Tragedy averted by discovery prior to detonation

Bomb found on train: Tragedy averted by discovery prior to detonation, A bomb found on a train in Taiwan led to an evacuation of 600 passengers Friday, April 12. The train stopped in Hsinchu City around 9 a.m. when two pieces of luggage were found to have explosives in them. CNN shared the details of the situation that could have had a very tragic ending.

The two pieces of luggage were emitting white smoke, police indicate, and some near the pieces could also smell gas. Once police explored the bombs found on the train, they discovered there was a timer device and 5 liters of gasoline rigged within them. Luckily nobody was injured as the devices did not explode, but investigators believe they would have, had they not been discovered in time.

The Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp. train car affected can carry about 60 passengers, and this particular train was traveling from Zuoying on its way to Taipei. So far no information about suspects or motive have been released by investigators. Had the bomb found on the train detonated, it would have taken out one car.

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