Monday, 15 April 2013

Bendable screens on prototypes galore: Not for the masses yet

Bendable screens on prototypes galore: Not for the masses yet, Bendable screens are the next step in taking your personal communication technology into the future. This would mean a screen on a tablet that would bend, twist and fold, making the bulkier technology items of today a thing of the past. According to on Sunday, April 14, 2013, this is the stuff that folks are working on and you can expect the bending screen to be available in the future.

The heavy and breakable screens of today will make way for screens that can be stretched, rolled out and attach to uneven surfaces. This is in the works, as there are plenty of prototypes out there, reports Jonathan Melnick who works for Lux Research analyzing display technology.

What is standing in the way of these bending screen tech wonders coming to the masses is figuring out how to mass produce the parts cheaply and making gadgets that entice consumers. There's still some technical issues that are also in need of addressing.

The glass and the supportive structure around the screen is what gives any device the majority of its weight. The race is on to replace this with a lighter and flexable material.

According to Display Search:

"Screen technology is still dominated by liquid crystal displays (LCDs), which require a backlight and sit between two sheets of glass, making the screen a major contributor to the weight of a device, from laptops to tablets."

The dominance of the LCD's is already under threat from a much lighter Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs). These don't need backlighting and are brighter than the LCD. They also have a better color contrast, offer a wider viewing angle and can be printed onto a few layers.

Corning Inc. will provide phones with curved glass edges as soon as this year. This company's Gorilla glass is on many smartphones, but it's now now promoting Willow Glass, which can be wrapped around a device because of its flexibility. The bendable screen is a ways off for your personal communication devices, but it's on the drawing board. It won't take long for the technology of today to become obsolete once folding, bending and stretching screens hit the market.

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