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Bendable screens: Advancements being made, but bendable screens still hopeful

Bendable screens: Advancements being made, but bendable screens still hopeful, The future world of technology seems to be coming quicker every single day, and it almost appears as if anything is possible, but it isn't just yet. There are numerous innovations coming out such as the new iPads and the Google Glass, but consumers still want more. A Reuters report on Sunday, April 14, 2013, says that people still hope and want a screen that can be folded, bent, and rolled up.

The world of tomorrow does consist of bendable screens, but they just haven't been perfected yet. There have been advances and the devices could end up looking overly different from the current products, but there is still a way to go.

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"It becomes a product designer's paradise - once the technology is sorted out," says Jonathan Melnick, who analyses display technology for Lux Research.

A number of prototypes have already made the rounds and that includes South Korea's Samsung Electronics. Earlier this year, they showed off a bendable display screen that extends out of the side of the device.

The problems there are that the devices still need to be compelling enough for consumers to buy and also mass producing the parts cheaply is an issue.

"Most of the weight in a tablet is the glass structure in the display and the support structure around it to prevent it from cracking," said Kevin Morishige, a former engineer at Cisco Systems Inc, Hewlett-Packard Co and Palm.

LCD screens still continue to dominate the world, but the lighter Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) are coming up. The OLEDs don't need backlighting and are also brighter. They offer a wider viewing angle and better color contrast as well.

Glass is getting lighter and more flexible, but the issues are still there.

"You can bend it, but you can't keep flexing it," said Adrian Burden, a UK consultant who has worked on several start-ups related to display technology, and holds patents in the field

Corning Inc. has already created the toughened Gorilla glass and will provide phones with curved glass edges sometime this year. They are now also promoting Willow Glass, which can be as thin as a sheet of paper and is flexible enough to wrap around a device or structure.

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