Friday, 12 April 2013

Beaver kills man who was taking its picture: More attacks reported in last year

Beaver kills man who was taking its picture: More attacks reported in last year, A man was killed by a beaver as he was just trying to get a picture of the creature. This bizarre event started when a man, who was fishing with his buddies spotted a beaver. When he approached the seemingly harmless creature, it attacked and bit the man in his thigh, according to USA Today on April 11, 2013.

Beaver's gnaw through trees, so they have a very strong and hard bite. When the creature bit the fisherman it severed an artery. His friends tried, but they couldn't stop the bleeding and it was actually the loss of blood from the bite that killed him. This typical fishing trip to Lake Shestakov in Belarus turned deadly because of this beaver attack.

This attack is not something that happens every day, but it is not rare. It is usually a rabid beaver involved in most of the reports of these animals attacking people. Last week a video showed up online of a beaver chasing a man in Russia. Last year a rabid beaver attacked man in upstate New York and two girls from Virginia were seriously injured last year when a beaver mauled them in Virginia.

The attack in upstate New York last August is described on New York Daily News in an article published just after a scout leader was mauled. The boy scouts actually stoned the beaver to death after their leader was attacked while swimming in the Delaware River. The leader was swimming when the beaver went right between his legs and “attached” itself to the man's chest.

This unnamed man in the article was bitten six times before he managed to get the beaver off of him by grabbing it by the jaw. He brought the beaver to shore and the scouts stoned it to death as their leader lay injured. The scouts could see that the beaver was still a danger, so they threw rocks on it to kill the animal. The leader was treated with more than 20 rabies shots for the multiple puncture wounds he received from the beaver.

According to NBC News, in July two girls were attacked by a rabid beaver as they were swimming in a lake in Virginia. The beaver attacked the girls as they tried to get out of the lake. The girls, 11 and 8, were bitten several times.

It is not safe to approach any wild animal, no matter how small the creature may be.

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