Saturday, 20 April 2013

Austin man hijacks bus and takes police on a 30-mile chase

Austin man hijacks bus and takes police on a 30-mile chase, According to it was reported on April 20 that an armed Austin, Texas man hijacked a bus and ordered the passengers and driver off at gun point. He then took the police on a 30-mile chase before stopping in an AutoZone parking lot and killing himself.

Apparently, the police tried several times to get the armed driver to pull over and even put road spikes down to stop him. However, he stopped on his own and was surrounded by police in the AutoZone parking lot. According to the police, gun shots were then heard and they found the armed man dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The chase started in Austin and went 30 miles to Bastrop. Witnesses say they could see black smoke coming from the bus and more than 12 police cars chasing the bus with the armed hijacker driving it.

The police are not releasing the armed hijackers name at this point. However, the spokesman for the Capital Metro stated that the bus drivers are trained to handle situations such as this one. The buses also have cameras in them and the bus drivers can contact emergency dispatchers in case of an emergency.

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