Saturday, 13 April 2013

Audrie Pott pictures: Audrie Pott assault photos linked to teen’s death

Audrie Pott pictures: Audrie Pott assault photos linked to teen’s death, The suicide of Audrie Pott, and the controversy surrounding assault photos allegedly taken on a cell phone and then passed around her school like candy by her attackers is a story that has gone viral on Friday, April 12.

The case involves a 15-year-old girl named Audrie Pott, who hanged herself eight days after she was allegedly attacked by three boys who are said to have shared photos of the attack online.

Pott, who felt she was humiliated and that her life was over, is said to have jumped on Facebook and lamented her current station in life before she decided to sadly end her life.

Now, the Audrie Pott Foundation, is talking about the three boys who have since been arrested in relation to the alleged crime against Pott.

Here’s what the Foundation had to on Friday, April 12:

We suspect that the boys who we believe are responsible for Audrie’s death took deliberate steps to destroy evidence and interfere with the police investigation. If students have information about this crime, if they saw pictures or know anything that will assist in bringing these young men to justice, please come forward. Audrie's family is asking for any students with information to please contact our attorney, Robert Allard at or 408-289-1417

For more information on the Audrie Pott photos and suicide story, be sure to return to the Crime Examiner column.

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