Sunday, 21 April 2013

AR-15 giveaway shut down by Facebook, gun store owner is outraged

AR-15 giveaway shut down by Facebook, gun store owner is outraged, Erik Lowry is the owner of Pittsburgh Tactical Firearm, which is an online gun store, and he recently ran a contest on Facebook to give away an AR-15. However, Facebook decided to shut down his fan page without prior notice. Lowry's interview with The Blaze on Sunday gave some explanation as to why this happened

Lowry told The Blaze that the Pittsburgh Tactical Firearm’s page had over 27,000 followers who receive regular updates on store and stock information along with various Second Amendment news. According to Lowry, he’s now losing $500 to $1,000 per day since his business page was shut down.

He thinks the AR-15 giveaway shut down was due to misinformation given by the site Vocativ in a recent article. Vocativ reportedly contacted Facebook, which was unaware that the giveaways even existed, and told Facebook executives that the pages are considered ads and thereby do violate the social network’s terms.

Apparently Facebook found the page in violation of their terms, and shortly after issued the AR-15 giveaway shut down.

“I still don’t know what’s going on,” Lowry told TheBlaze in a phone interview Sunday afternoon.

“I am very adamant about following rules. I’m not the type of person who will stick it to the man,” Lowry said. “[It] at least should have been a courtesy for someone to contact us and say ‘this is why we did it.’

“The lack of communication is so, incredibly frustrating.”

Lowry doesn't agree with the decision because he stated that no transactions of firearm or ammunition sales were ever conducted through the site.

He said he will be seeking legal council from the NRA and is also considering seeking other legal advice.

“This kind of censorship is unconstitutional,” Lowry said.

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