Saturday, 20 April 2013

Alabama jihadist: Randy Wilson pleads guilty to conspiracy to kill

Alabama jihadist: Randy Wilson pleads guilty to conspiracy to kill, Accused jihadist Randy “Rasheed” Wilson pled guilty to federal charges of conspiracy to travel to Africa with another man to support planned efforts to “maim, murder and kidnap” in the name of Islam, according to an April 19 Reuters report.

Wilson appeared in U.S. District court with his attorney and responded to the federal judge’s questions regarding the charges levied against him. According to Assistant U. S. Attorney Christopher Bodnar, Wilson had planned a mission to join a jihad between Muslims and non-Muslims. “Either we kill and defeat them or they are going to kill and defeat us,” Wilson is quoted as saying.

Bodar explained that in as far as Wilson’s case was concerned, there is no doubt as to the meaning of jihad, explaining that in the instant matter, it meant “violence and fighting in which people are injured and die.”

Epoch Times reports that under the plea deal, Wilson faces a 15-year prison term. “He just doesn’t have confidence that the legal defense would be able to overcome all of the emotions wrapped around this right now. Certainly, the last week hasn’t made it any easier,” Wilson’s defense attorney Dom Soto told the

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