Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Adam Lanza bullied: Claims surface that shooter was bullied at Sandy Hook

Adam Lanza bullied: Claims surface that shooter was bullied at Sandy Hook, The case and story of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shoots in Newtown, CT still don't seem to be over even though four months has passed. A report out on Wednesday, April 17, 2013, by the Inquisitr now states that claims are coming out saying shooter Adam Lanza was bullied when he attended the same school as a child.

There have been a number of reasons and possible motives given for Lanza's rampage that killed 20 children and six members of the faculty, and that includes rumors that his mother was going to have him committed. Now, another relative has come forth and says that Adam Lanza was bullied while attending Sandy Hook.

A relative of Lanza, only identified as a "family member," said that Adam Lanza's mother believed her son was not protected by school officials at all. The family member said that Nancy Lanza said her son was not kept safe from alleged classmate abuse.

"Nancy felt fiercely protective of him … She was convinced the school wasn't doing enough to protect Adam. It made her irate," said the family member.

It appears as if Nancy Lanza was actually desperate in attempts to keep her child safe from bullying so she would go with him to school to find out what was happening. Adam Lanza was actually being bullied physically according to the "family member."

This is not to say that there was any excuse for what happened at Sandy Hook, but now it may shed a little more light on what was going on in Lanza's reasoning. Many thoughts have been put forth such as revenge, anger, mental disorder, or something totally unknown.

The family member continued on saying that Adam would come home with "bruises all over his body." It appears as if the Newtown shooter would never reveal what was going on though.

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