Thursday, 11 April 2013

$3,800 in dumpster: $400 given to honest man after he returns money

$3,800 in dumpster: $400 given to honest man after he returns money, $3,800 was found in a dumpster by a man named Joe Ellis.

Rather than pocketing the cash, Ellis decided to give the money back to whomever may have accidentally thrown it away.

On April 11, the LA Times reported that Ellis (who was going through the dumpster to find recyclables) brought the money in to the Speedy Mart in Murfreesboro, Tenn. as the dumpster was behind the store.

The convenience store workers contacted police and they were able to locate the man who accidentally threw the money away. According to the report, the man tossed the bag-o-cash when he was cleaning out his car in the parking lot.

Finding $3,800 in a dumpster is certainly one way to test a person's conscience. Ellis was rewarded for his honesty -- the money man gave him $400 as a "thank you."

This was undoubtedly a good deed (although one must wonder why someone would have a "plastic bag full of hundred-dollar bills"

in their vehicle...) and not everyone can say that they would have been so honest.

The chances of finding the money's owner were pretty low, given the location of the dumpster.

It's hard to say that everyone would have done the same thing. Surely there are people who would have chosen to keep the money.

Imagine finding $3,800 in a dumpster? Maybe one man's trash really is another man's treasure.

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