Friday, 3 May 2013

'Storage Wars' drops 3 main cast from episodes: Will this backfire for the show?

'Storage Wars' drops 3 main cast from episodes: Will this backfire for the show?, “Storage Wars” has cut-back the on the screen time for three of its main players of their cast in the wake of the Dave Hester lawsuit against the A&E network and the production company for the show. This started with Hester being “frozen out” of the show, which prompted him to file a lawsuit and also made accusations that the show planted items in the storage units and much of the great finds were fakes, according to Radaronline on May 1, 2013.

It is Darrell Sheets and Dan and Laura Dotson that you'll be seeing less of next season. This is the same thing the show did to Hester, which started the ball rolling for his lawsuit. Sheets will be “frozen out” of about six extra episodes of “Storage Wars.” The husband and wife team of auctioneers will also be cut back in the season that just wrapped up shooting.

The reason for the cutback in facetime on air for Sheets and the Dotson's is money, according to a source. The show is cutting back on some of the higher paid cast members. Needless to say Darrell, Dan and Laura are not happy. The same goes for Hester, who was the first to feel these cuts.

Hester said that “all cast members” are aware of the show being faked” and it was discussed out in the open among the cast members. That was before they gave Hester the boot. This could be a dangerous cost-cutting venture for the show because it is the characters that people tune into watch.

Everyone loved to hate Dave Hester and Darrell is another cast member that spun a good bidding strategy only to have it blow up in his face frequently. Then there's the happy auctioneers, that's a couple that people have come to really enjoy watching. They're like a couple of love-lorn teens. These are the folks that make the show along with a few others on the "Storage Wars.

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