Friday, 3 May 2013

Space Shuttle replica to be displayed atop 747 at Space Center Houston

Space Shuttle replica to be displayed atop 747 at Space Center Houston, Even though Texas was denied an actual space shuttle, which angered Texas congressmen, Space Center Houston, located near the Johnson Spaceflight Center, will display a shuttle replica on top of one of the 747s that served as a carrier aircraft for the spaceship, according to a May 3, 2013 story in

The plan is that by 2015 a shuttle replica that Space Center Houston has on display will be mounted on top of the carrier aircraft. The interior of the space shuttle replica will be refurbished to make it resemble an actual space shuttle during the later part of its career, with a modern, digital “glass cockpit.” A gantry will be build next to the structure that will allow visitors to venture into the interiors of both vehicles and thus gain a little hint of space history.

The carrier aircraft will be in position by November, 2014. The space shuttle replica will be raised and placed in position on top of the 747 as it would have been when it was being carried from a landing field, most often the dry lake bed at Edwards Air Force Base in California, to the Kennedy Space Center for eventual relaunch. That process should be completed by the first quarter of 2014. Then both vehicles will be refurbished and the access gantry built for an opening to the public on February, 2015.

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