Saturday, 4 May 2013

Shot girlfriend mistaken for hog: Haunting ordeal that won't go away

Shot girlfriend mistaken for hog: Haunting ordeal that won't go away, this is the headline that not only described a hunting accident, but caused a couple much embarrassment to the point of deleting their Facebook page. According to Yahoo News on May 4, 2013, it was last year when Steve Egan mistook his girlfriend, Lisa Simmons, for hog while hunting and shot her, but this incident still haunts the couple.

It seems that Egan shot a hog, but it took off wounded. Minutes later he thought he spotted it again from about 30 yards away and took another shot. This mistake almost killed his girlfriend because it wasn't the hog, it was Lisa that he had mistakenly shot. This Flagler County, Florida hunting trip turned into a life and death situation for Lisa.

This was a serious injury and luckily, Simmons who is a nurse, knew enough to tie off the artery in her leg with a tourniquet and held it while Egan went back to the car to get a cell phone and call 911.

Simmons was in and out of consciousness by the time the medical helicopter arrived on scene and she was in bad shape. She needed 14 pints of blood after all was said and done and the doctor who treated Simmons said it was the worst “non-combat” injury he's ever seen.

Simmons lived and she and Egan are still a couple, but the ordeal didn't end with Lisa being released from the hospital. Egan mistaking his girlfriend for a hog became a national joke across the late night venues. It wasn't until the man high on bath salts ate the face off of another man that their ordeal was finally started to wane in the media. Now it's back today.

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