Saturday, 4 May 2013

Nazi Bride murder trial: 38-year-old involved in killing sprees?

Nazi Bride murder trial: 38-year-old involved in killing sprees?, A Nazi Bride murder trial is set to take place in Germany on Monday. On May 3, NBC News reported that Beate Zschaepe -- also known as the "Nazi Bride" -- will face charges based on her alleged involvement in several killing sprees. While some believe that she was merely involved in the plot of these attacks, others feel as though Zschaepe had a more serious role.

"I am convinced that she wasn't just an accessory or merely a companion, but was in fact acting on the same level as the others," said German federal prosecutor Wolfgang Range.

The Nazi Bride murder trial is significant because Beate Zschaepe is the last surviving member of the National Socialist Underground. Many of those involved were either killed or took their own lives and most have not faced any consequences, If Zschaepe is convicted, she will represent all women involved in these murders -- and that number is expected to grow.

"Zschaepe's case will spotlight the increasingly prominent role that women are playing in the neo-Nazi scene. In particular, they have been gaining influence in German far-right politics. Statistics suggest nearly 20 percent of executives in Germany's extremist NPD party are women, which is a higher percentage than in many smaller mainstream parties," NBC News reports.

The Nazi Bride murder trial could take months but if Beate Zschaepe is convicted, she faces life in prison.

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