Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Justin Bieber attacked at Dubai Performance

Justin Bieber attacked at Dubai Performance, Justin Bieber attacked while performing on stage in Dubai according to TMZ reports on Sunday, May 5.

The crazed male, dressed in a white shirt and jeans ran onto the stage behind Justin Bieber and grabbed him from behind before security rushed the stage and apprehended the attacker, but not before knocking over the piano while hauling the rambunctious fan from the stage.

Bieber luckily managed to free himself unharmed and dashed to the side of the stage.

Various news sources reported that after Justin Bieber was attacked on stage, he took a brief three-minute break, before returning to the stage for an encore and finished the concert with "Boyfriend" and the finale "Baby."

Poor Justin Bieber can't seem to catch a break these days between, death plots, lawsuits, bad press, and his on and off relationship with Selena Gomez. Hopefully things will,calm down a bit for Justin.

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