Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Cleveland Volcano: Low-level eruption still continues at Alaska's Cleveland Volcano

Cleveland Volcano: Low-level eruption still continues at Alaska's Cleveland Volcano, In Alaska continues to be undergoing a low-level eruption following the Saturday's morning explosion, the Alaska Volcano Observatory and the United States Geological Survey said.

Scientists said images captured by satellites and installed cameras were showing continuous low-level emissions of gas, mist and ash.

A soft cloud of ash has extended eastward below 15,000 feet, and estimates have suggested that the clouds of ash could exceed even 20,000 feet above the sea level. Frenchtribune reports

Scientists said in a statement, "Sudden explosions of blocks and ash are possible with little or no warning. Ash clouds, if produced, could exceed 20,000 feet above sea level."

The level of aviation alert has already been raised to "Orange," from "yellow." A bigger ash emission could even threaten international flights. But, the Federal Aviation Administration has so far announced no flight restrictions.

The eruption activity started with an explosion in early morning on the past Saturday. The first explosion was recorded at 5 a. m., which was followed by two other explosions at 9:17 a. m. and 11:44 a. m.

The volcano is situated in the Aleutian Islands' isolated region that is nearly 940 miles southwest of Anchorage. Previously, its significant eruption started in February 2001, when three explosions took place, creating ash clouds as high 39,000 feet above the sea level.

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