Monday, 6 May 2013

60,000 bees in cabin: Beekeeper is shocked after he finds 60,000 bees in cabin

60,000 bees in cabin: Beekeeper is shocked after he finds 60,000 bees in cabin, Beekeeper Vic Bachman recently stumbled upon the largest beehive he has ever removed in his career. The estimated amount of bees in the cabin is believed to be 60,000, Bachman said. On May 5, USA Today said that the gigantic beehive was 3.6 meters (12 feet) long, and was found in a cabin in Ogden Valley, Utah.

"We estimate that we got about 7 kilos (15 pounds) of bees in there," said Bachman, who explains that this is equivalent to about 60,000 bees.

Bachman was called to the cabin last month. While removing a panel covering the roof, he had no idea he would find several large honeycombs.

Reportedly, the bees have lived there since 1996 and haven't disturbed tenants. The cabin was not used much, but the owners came to the conclusion that the beehive could be dangerous to their family since a few bees had gained entry to the house and the hive was near the bedroom window of one of the children.

The owners did not want to kill the bees, which are a key part in pollinating flowers and crops.

So they contacted Bachman, and he removed the 60,000 bees in the cabin by using a vacuum cleaner to suck them into a cage.

"It doesn't hurt them," Bachman said.

The grueling task of removing of the 60,000 bees took six hours, and cost the homeowners $600.

"The bees were expensive," said Paul Bertagnolli, the cabin owner. However, he did say he was satisfied with the job.

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