Wednesday, 1 May 2013

5-year-old shoots sister: Boy kills 2-year-old sister with own rifle

5-year-old shoots sister: Boy kills 2-year-old sister with own rifle, A 5-year-old shot his sister with his own rifle while he was playing outside in Burkesville, Ky. Tuesday afternoon. A family friend told WBKO May 1 that the little boy, Christian Sparks, was not handling the gun before his mother left his sight a few moments.

"She just stepped out for a second," Monica Pepper said about the boy's mother. "She set the mop bucket down and heard the gun go off. The child didn't have the gun in his hand when she was in there with him. She would have never walked outside."

The rifle was reportedly kept in a corner and the family didn't know there was one shell inside it. His father was teaching him how to hunt and he wasn't afraid to handle the weapon. His sister, Caroline Sparks, died later that evening from the gunshot wound in Cumberland.

It's too early to tell if charges will be filed until an investigation is complete, but so far the 2-year-old's death is being ruled as accidental.

In the state of Kentucky, there are no laws prohibiting children from possessing or shooting long-barrel guns.

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